Reflex on Tour CUBE

The focus of the Reflex on Tour CUBE is on knowledge transfer and experiential learning. Housing multifunctional equipment with test system components and test tracks right through to a virtual journey through the heating system, the Reflex On Tour CUBE offers assorted tasters of Reflex’s areas of expertise and approaches.

Structure, function, scope

Two presentation areas display the “residential” and “commercial” system solutions, which invite interaction through the sample product ranges, functional samples, diagrams and corresponding digital services. They also demonstrate the third theme, digital applications, design software and training modules, thus adding to the depth of information contained in the product worlds.

Features in detail



  • Three themes: Residential, Commercial and Digital Solutions
  • Presentation of the application areas static and dynamic pressure maintenance, water make-up, water treatment, separation and degassing, together with hot water storage, heat transfer and system hydraulics
  • Working models of the Servitec, Servitec S and Mini degassing systems, and the Variomat and “new” Reflexomat XS pressure maintenance stations, together with the Control Smart, Basic and Touch controllers and accessories such as the new Fillguard
  • AR technology to demonstrate the functions of the wide range of product solutions
  • VR glasses for a virtual journey through the heating system
  • Various cutaways to illustrate how our product solutions work
  • Test walls to illustrate hydraulic relationships and physical principles for pressure maintenance, degassing and separation
  • Digital tools in action, such as Reflex Solution Pro and ProSinusX Configurator
  • Information on Reflex services in the areas of sales (PS), after-sales service, technical training and data service